Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge / Close to my Heart / Halloween Cards

The CTMH Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge is an incredible resource for card makers.
The following cards and envelope are all cut from just one page of the hand book. Each key has several cards that can be cut and icons that coordinate with the same theme.
This entire set of cards can be found on page 43.
This card on the outside has the spider (icon function key, shift), Spider web negative card (Pocket Card Function key, shift), but the title is from Artbooking cartridge (I cheated a little). The base of the card can be cut by hand or using the Pop-up function key. The suggested dial size is 5" for a finished card size of 5"x7".  
This is the inside cut (Pop-up function, shift). Remember there is a second book that comes with this cartridge to help you with assembly. The spider again (icon function key, shift) and the web (icon function key).

The next card is on the Scene function key with the card liner (Scene function key, shift)
cuts the cute BOO.

 The envelope and liner can be cut using this key as well!
 To cover the outer left front of the card with B&T, simply slide a 6 3/4" x 1 7/8" piece of B&T behind and mark with a pencil.

 Cut it out and glue it on. It's that easy.
Next is the Sentiment card on the Sentiment Function key. I stamped tone-on-tone to give the outside a little interest. I backed the sentiment with different colored card stock and B&T and then lined the inside of the card to hide it.
 Add a few embellishments to finish off.
The Boo card is also cut from the Sentiment function key plus shift. The title, BOO, is cut from Artbooking (I cheated again, can you blame me). This card cuts out the wonderful pumpkin faces so I added a strip of black card stock behind them.
 Our next card is on the Sleeve function key. It cuts the black card stock piece with tabs so that it can be glued to form a pocket or sleeve. I created a pullout and added a couple of spiders.
 I added a Gypsy piece of card stock so that when the pullout is removed, there is a contracting color to show off the web. The tab on the pullout is from Art Philosophy.
 Flip that pullout over and I added the other image on the Pocket Card function key. BOO!
There is even one card I did not cut. It is on the Sleeve function key plus shift.
So, wow! That's all on one key page 43. Six cards, 2 icons, envelope and 2 pocket cards. Now multiply that by 50 keys plus shift 50 keys. That's a lot of cards! Plus you can use the icons on scrapbook pages and home d├ęcor.
I hope this inspires you to create something special today.

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