Thursday, February 20, 2014

Picture My Life Scrap Booking Program from CTMH

New to CTMH is the Picture My Life scrapbooking program. I was skeptical at first but I am really liking it.  Here's why.  I joined CTMH as a consultant 11 years ago because of the stamps and creative ways to use inks. I was not a scraper. I have a ton of photos to go back and scrap, so I take the attitude of scraping the photos that 'call' to me or the event that is current or I have pictures that would go great with that paper. So, to go back and scrap every photo I have is too monumental and down right daunting to me.  I do like keeping my photos (the ones I have printed) in the photo page protectors from CTMH and the work in progress 3 ring binder. Sometimes I just go through my photos and I might see something in a few photos that 'call' to me and I will pull them out and scrap them.  For all the other photos that get left, I can still display them nicely by using these beautifully printed Picture My Life cards. As I have been filling up my pocket pages with my first PML (Picture My Life) Skylark cards, I realize that I took a lot of horizontal pictures.  Now that I scrapbook, I take more vertical photos but try to mix it up. I had to be a little creative when it came to fitting my photos to the pages. I'm not quite finished with adhering the photos and don't have my journaling done yet but I am on my way.

Love the title page is one 12x12 paper!

This is the back side of the title page and it follows the card format.

It balances well using a 50/50 mix of cards to photos.

See! All horizontal photos. I will have to mix some journaling and other embellishments onto the cards.

I cut the middle photo of my wonderful mother to 4x4 and will adhere the photo across the middle of the 4x6 card. I was able to cut down the other photos smaller and rounded the corners. I love these photos of my mom painting these rocks with my children to make them look like little houses.

This photo was cut down to about 2x2.5 to fit onto one of the smaller cards (4x3)

I have 2 more page protectors, almost 50 small cards and 30 large cards left to work with.
Organize your cards not only by size but also by horizontal and vertical orientation. Remember, the cards are double sided, so if you don't like or can't use one side, turn it over. You can even double up on cards in one pocket to get the look you want to show through.
CTMH posted a video on YouTube to show you a few more tips: .

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